Google Login and Claiming Your Places Page Instructions

Here I am going to explain two separate ways to either claim or do a Google places loginThe first thing before you try to claim and optimize your Google Places page is to have a Gmail account. If you do not have one set up already simply go to your browser and do a search for Google mail or you can find them at This will take you to the Google log in page where you can either sign into your account or just underneath the sign in section is a section where you can Create an Account for free in about 2 minutes or less.Creating a Gmail Account: Put in your name Choose your user name Check availability if it is available they will assign it to you if not they will give suggestions Choose a password Answer a couple of security Questions Put in a recovery email in case you forget the password. Select your country Put in you Date of Birth Fill in the Captcha and submit You may be asked to verify by phone or text select which works for you and your account is verified instantly.Now that is done go to the Google Login page and sign inTo find and claim your places page click on the maps tab at the top of your browser if you do not see the maps tab you can do a search for “google maps” it will be the first organic listing, click on it and it will bring you to the maps search browser.There are two ways to find out if you already have a Google places page listing. The first way is once you are in the maps search browser simply do a search of your company starting with the company name your address and zip. and click search. If you have an unclaimed listing it will show up in the left hand side bar.If you show up in the side bar simply click on your company name and it will take you to your places page that the public sees. From here you will see you will see a map to the right with an A pin indicating your location.Just above the map location with the A pin are two hyperlinks one says Edit this place the other say Business Owner? You should still be logged into your Gmail account so click on the business owner? hyperlink if you are not logged in you will be directed to the Google login page. If you are logged in you will be taken to a page that asks you what you would like to do.You have 3 choices Choose Edit. Edit your listing, Suspend your listing, or This isn’t my listing.Once you choose Edit it will open a new page that will auto fill your information for you. Make any corrections and do a simple basic setup before you start to optimize your places page. I repeat just put in some basic information.IMPORTANT: DO NOT stuff or add any additional information like city or what you do in your business name box just put it as it is on your business license. If you put wrong information in or if you accidentally break the rules or guidelines you will hurt yourself and your chances of optimizing your places page the right way to be seen on page 1 for your business will become more difficult.The second way of finding yourself is when in the maps search browser in the left hand side bar is a link that says “put your business on Google Maps. click on this link if you are signed into your Gmail account it will take you to a page where you can put your business phone number in.Use your local number not an 800 number preferably the number that is listed with the local phone books and other directories. Google will then search for your business, if it finds you they will give you an option to edit your page from the search results they came up with or if you do not see your listing this is where you can Add a new Listing.Select add new listing and follow the procedures above for filling in the basic setup.Do not get creative I can not emphasis enough on following the guidelines and best practices. Once you have done your basic setup you will want to optimize your Places page so you can start to rank better but hat is another article so until then have a great day.I hope this Google login information helped you.

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